Club Guidelines

1.   Players should be seated at least 10 minutes before a session is due to start to enable the Director to establish the appropriate movement.

2.   Players should have clearly completed convention cards available at the table. This is particularly important for competitions.

3.   To eliminate the risk of fouling boards, players at a sit-out table should refrain from removing cards from the boards.

4.   Pre-alerts should be made at the start of each round for any unusual systems, e.g. ACOL, Precision etc

5.   Count cards before looking at hand. Cards should be shuffled before returning to board after play.

6.   Opening leads should always initially be placed face down. This practice will reduce director calls for leads out of turn.

7.   Avoid any mannerisms or verbal cues that could give unauthorised information to your partner during the bidding and/or play.

8.   Players must announce the minimum number of clubs when partner opens 1C. Similarly, players must announce the point range when partner open 1NT.

9.   Full ABF alerting regulations (including delayed alerts) are posted on the Club notice board. Alternatively, follow the links at the bottom of this site's home page to the ABF website.

10.   You may query the meaning of an opponent's bid only when it is your turn to bid. Alternatively, you may ask for an explanation of the full auction at the end of the auction if it is your lead or when your partner has placed his/her opening lead on the table face down.

11. Doubles, redoubles & cue bids of the opponents suit are self alerting & should not be alerted. Bids at the 4 level or higher should also not be alerted.

12. The Stayman 2C response to an opening 1NT in an uncontested auction should not be alerted. However, all responses to Stayman are alertable bids.

13. Dummy must not select or indicate any card without instruction from declarer.

14. Any irregularities, undue hesitations or perceived unethical behaviour should be politely referred to the Director. Only the Director may resolve these issues. Rules for submission to the Appeals Committee are at the front of the membership booklet & in the By-Laws published on this site.

15. Do not be upset when someone calls the Director. The Director knows the rules & is there to ensure everything goes smoothly. It is always appropriate to call the Director if you believe an infraction has occurred, even if the infraction was unintentional or you believe you know the remedy.

16. Scoring errors should be reported to the Director before the end of the session if possible.

17. Refrain from discussing played hands at the table. Remember that others can hear you.

18. N/S are essentially the "hosts" at the table. They are responsible for placing the boards on the table in the correct position & in numerical order. N/S are also responsible for scoring, changing the bidding sheets & ensuring the boards are passed on to the next table (E/W may assist with this.) 

19. N/S are requested to clear the table of boards, bridgemates, bidding pads, pens & rubbish at the end of the session. Please do not leave your table for someone else to clean up.

20. All players are requested to help ensure the kitchen is cleaned up at the end of a session. Members should help the director with the setting up and clearing away of tables, chairs, etc. These duties are not the responsibility of the Committee.

21. Above all, enjoy your bridge, strive to be the best you can and be nice to each other.