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In November, Helen would have been 90 years young.

She loved her bridge and always enjoyed the camaraderie of the Hunters Hill Bridge Club.

Helen was a great beauty - always elegant, gracious and charming, with a sometimes mischievous nature.

Helen passed away peacefully on Sunday, 13 September. On Monday, 21 November she will be interred at her family grave site at Stroud where she will join her great love, her husband Ron.

Helen Vickery. Some friends will always be remembered with a smile, not sadness. 


Our new HHBC Virtual Club will commence from next Monday August 10th and with this move comes quite a few changes.

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10/04/1938 – 29/03/2020

Geoff was married to Marion Patricia Rowell (deceased) for 43 years, having met in 2nd class going to the same school. Geoff and Marion had an exciting life together. They travelled quite a bit and loved to entertain. Many of their friends loved to be the ones who were invited to join the Rowell clan.

Geoff had 3 children, Joanne, Mark and Amanda and 4 grandchildren. Their home life was of a loving family and Dad was always happy and making Jokes.

One of the highlights in Geoff’s life was his invention of the bean slicer around the 60’s which became a household success. I remember when Geoff spoke about this and later gave me one, I said” my mother had one of these” It made him sound so old. But he forgave me.

Geoff and Marion loved to do things for others; they were volunteers for 2000 Olympics which they loved doing so much that they were looking around to be involved in many other events.

Anyone who knew Geoff would speak of him as such a wonderful person who would help any person out if needed. I met Geoff and Marion through bridge and we became great friends. Marion passed away 10 yrs ago and five years later Geoff met a New Zealand lady called Colleen, who became the next love of his life, only to lose her five years later to cancer.

If you asked Geoff would he have changed anything in his life, he would have said “NO. I have had a Wonderful family, Wonderful friends and a Wonderful life." Including a love of bridge.

Geoff touched many during his life, and he will always be remembered in our Hearts.

Robyn W


It will come as no surprise that the Club is now closed for an indefinite period.

As soon as we are able to resume activities, a notice will be put on this site & a message sent to all members.

In the meantime, everyone keep well!

Vale Carolyn

Sadly, Carolyn Molloy passed away last week. Carolyn was a great force in the early days of Hunters Hill Bridge Club. She was a Director for many years and was instrumental in setting up our Monday session which was at the Hunters Hill Sailing Club in those days.

Some years ago she moved to the Central Coast where she directed at Brisbane Water Bridge Club. She returned to us only in recent years and played regularly at our Monday and Wednesday sessions.

An excellent player, Carolyn taught many of us to play bridge. Everyone who knew her had only good things to say about her: she was generous with her knowledge, never complained, made the best of life.

Carolyn was a lovely woman with that rare mix of being incredibly kind as well as very feisty. A lovely combination.

She will be missed barrelling down Victoria Road in her wheel chair, racing to get to a session. And she will be missed at the table by all, particularly her long-term acquaintances and partners at the club.


The Club has been advised by the ABF that it should close for the next 4 weeks.

We're aware that our cohort is an at risk group & want to act in your best interests & to protect your health & well being.

Therefore, the Committee has decided that the only action we can take is to close the Club from & including Thursday 19 March. The Tuesday night session, the Wednesday morning lesson & the Wednesday afternoon session will proceed, but the Club will then close until Wednesday, 15 April.


The continuing presence of coronavirus, COVID-19, is causing a great deal of anxiety in the community.

At HHBC, we're aware of the uncertainty this has caused for many of our players. We've placed signage around the Club, reminding players about the basics of good hygiene. We ask everyone to adhere to this practice.

As well, because of our demographic , we need to ensure that everything possible is done to minimise any spread of the virus.

Therefore, we request that all players at the Club: