Back to BBO

You will have received an e-mail advising you that all of our sessions are on BBO this week (Jan 11-15). Please advise anyone you know who doesn't have e-mail. As you would be aware, the situation is very fluid and the decision to go back will be made using the best information available.  The committee will reassess on Friday, Jan 15th, and decide whether or not we will return to face-to-face next week.  Please check your e-mail on Friday.

Current Sessions

All BBO sessions have been discontinued, with the exception of Tuesday nights.

MONDAY @10 am (3 hours with Brian Soutter)

TUESDAY nights on BBO @ 7pm (3 hours with Eric Lam)

WEDNESDAY @12.30pm (3 hours with Brian Soutter)

THURSDAY @2pm - not just for supervised players; lesson at 1:30pm (2 hours with Eric Lam)

FRIDAY @10am (3 hours with Malcolm Martin)

Masks must be worn at all times.  Double COVID vaccination certificates required.

QR code for Council to enter the building; QR code for HHBC to enter the club room.

Table Chits and Credit Card Slips

Just a gentle reminder from the Assistant Treasurer about credit card payments at Henley. If you pay your $40 membership fee on the Tap & Go, you must turn in your credit card slip with your table chit, writing your name on the FRONT so I know who has paid. If you pay and take your receipt home with you, I have $40 in the bank and I have no idea whose it is and I will come chasing you for payment at some later date!

When filling out the table chit, please remember to put the date and your table number on the chit. There is a column marked 'Amount Paid'. It's hard to believe I have to say this, but can you please enter the amount you have paid, not cc or a tick. And on all credit card slips, please put your name on the FRONT. It isn't necessary to include your ABF number. And I particularly don't like ONLY your ABF number for identification. This process is not computerised - there's a human at the end of the line. Thank you. Linda Allen

Vale Barbara

Sadly, we've lost another member.  Barbara Grant, a long-time member, passed away suddenly after a short illness.  Her funeral will be on Thursday at 1:30pm at St. Peter Chanel Church, Futuna Street, Hunters Hill.  Barbara was a quiet, sweet and sympathetic woman who never put herself foreward, which belied her intelligence.  She was an avid reader and mother of three.  She was an active participant in the lovely Monday group who stayed back after bridge for drinks and nibbles.  She will be missed.

Vale Pat

Patti Ayres passed away Friday 8th October at the age of 99. Patti was a long-time member of HHBC and was the committed Partner Finder for the Monday sessions for many years. Patti had one son Robert. She is pictured at her 95th birthday party at the club. We hadn't seen her smiling face since the very first COVID lockdown. She will be missed by all.

COVID Closure

As you will have guessed, there will be no sessions at Henley for two weeks.  We're working on getting BBO up and running again and you'll have an e-mail shortly from Carol in this regard.