Air Conditioning News

The electricity to one zone at Henley wasn't working. This has been fixed and the air conditioners are operating - probably no better than they've ever been, but trying hard.

*** HEAT WAVE ***

The air conditioning at Henley Community Centre is not working. With
soaring temperatures predicted to continue tomorrow, please be aware
that the hall is incredibly uncomfortable. If you played on Monday,
you'll understand.

We have plenty of fans and Peter would love to see you, but if you
feel you can't live without air conditioning, you might considering
not coming to bridge tomorrow.

Obviously, we can't call everyone. If your partner doesn't have e-
mail, perhaps you could call him or her to pass on the warning.

New users

We have been recently inundated by spam, so in future new users will require administrator approval. However we encourage club members to register and contribute to the website even if only to comment on articles written by other people.

Membership fees for 2011 are now due

If you won't be playing at the club in the next couple of weeks, please send a cheque or make an online deposit now.

The members' contact book and schedule of events will go to print in early January; don't miss out.


-- pay by cash or cheque at any session
-- send a cheque to Hunters Hill Bridge Club, P.O. Box 81, Hunters Hill NSW 2110
-- make an online direct deposit to our bank account
PLEASE remember to put your name in the description of your transaction.

Please let us know if there have been any changes to your telephone number, e-mail address or postal address.

Membership fees remain the same:
-- $30 if your home club is Hunters Hill
-- $20 if you are a home member at another club

Gold Coast Congress Mixed Teams Update

This is a revised email from the Queensland Bridge Association:

As it currently stands to play in the Mixed Teams (Seres and McMahon Trophy) at the 2011 50th Gold Coast Congress you must play as a mixed partnership at all times. This means a team of 3 women and one man would not be eligible as they were in previous years - nor would a team of 2 women and 2 men if they wished to play in same sex partnerships. To be eligible for the Seres and McMahon Trophy in 2011 you must field a mixed pair to sit EW and a mixed pair to sit NS.

This set up in 2011 reflects a true mixed teams and was the way mixed teams were played 50 years ago and will continue to be the requirement for winning the trophy (Seres and McMahon) and prize money at the 50th Gold Coast Congress.

Unfortunately this has caused some angst among our regular participants. In an effort to cater for all, we have decided to add another category to be run within the main event - they will not be eligible for the main prize or trophy but will have proportional prize money depending on entries. This separate event will be for mixed teams containing at least one of the opposite sex but will have no requirements re mixed partnerships.

Some examples (F = Female M = Male)
Team Partnerships of FM - FM - eligible for main event and trophy (Seres and McMahon)
Team Partnerships of FF - FM not eligible for main event but can now play for category prize
Team Partnerships of FF - MM not eligble for main event but can now play for category prize.

Photos from our Congress

Thanks to Linda Allen we now have some photos from our Congress on the website.

Click on Galleries on the left hand side of this page and it will take you to the 2010 Congress gallery where you can view the photos.

Double click on an individual photo to enlarge it.

Change of Time for Friday Sessions

The Committee has decided that our Friday Sessions will begin at 10.30 am and finish at 1.30 pm with lunch afterwards. We will be doing this for a trial period of two months starting 6 August 2010.

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