Tuesday Supervised

The Tuesday supervised session is back!
If you're looking for an opportunity to play in a non competitive environment & one in which help is available with those tricky situations which arise all too frequently in this frustrating game of ours, please come. The session will run from 4.30-6.30 in the big room & will be supervised by Di Connors, ably assisted by Keith Van Klink.

Friday Teams Results

Congratulations (albeit somewhat belatedly) to the winning team of Parveen & Jamal Rayani, Faye Morris & David Mahadavan.

Runners up were:
2nd - Margaret Driscoll, Philip Moroney, Mike Bush & Kathie De Palo
3rd - Betty Priestley, Peter Shea, Tim Cregan & Richard Sheldrake

Thank you to all participants, particularly those who made the event viable by making themselves available on a day on which they would not normally play.

What's On In May

Tuesday 10, 17 and 24 May
State Open Pairs Qualifying (red points)
Entries close May 6 at 1pm.
Entry on noticeboard or by email to csheldrake@bigpond.com
One substitute allowed for a three week event. All substitutes to be notified to the director before the start of play. There must be a minimum of 12 pairs for the event to proceed.
No side game.

Monday 16, 23 and 30 May
Hunters Hill Cup (red points)

Anzac Day

Bridge will go ahead as usual on Monday, 25 April, thanks to the dedication of Peter Gill. Have a happy day.

Directors' Rulings - Hesitations

Charles Klassen has written a Forum article about the laws concerning Hesitation (or Break In Tempo) in the bidding. More importantly, he addresses the player's right to appeal. The Club has an Appeals Committee & where players feel that a decision made against them is incorrect, the opportunity exists to have the decision considered by that Committee.

Tuesday 12.30 Sessions Cancelled

The Committee is sorry to advise that the Tuesday 12.30pm session with Brian Soutter has been cancelled due to poor attendance.
We apologise to those who have been enjoying that session, but can advise that a supervised session with Brian will be commencing early in the second half of year on Thursday afternoons.

Doleful Dave

Here's an interesting on for you from last Tuesday.

Tuesday Night - State Mixed Pairs Qualifying Event

Congratulations to Faye Morris & Tony Ruello for winning this event.
The runners up were:
2nd - I. Jamieson & T. Wilson
3rd - P. & J. Rayani
4th - P. Waizer & E. Lynch


Peter has advised that today's results (Wednesday 13 April) have not been uploaded to Pianola as there appears to be a problem with that website which the Pianola technicians are currently trying to rectify.

Concerned Citizen

We have a new contributor to our forum who, like Bil, wishes to remain anonymous. Have a look under the heading 30 March on the right.
This contributor would like feedback from members so that he knows his analyses are not being ignored.
We would like to encourage all members to comment, ask questions, or talk about any issue (bridge related, of course!) that is of concern.

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