June '19

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Table Talk

An occasional newsletter of the Hunters Hill Bridge Club – June 2019


Future Club Events

Many important Club competitions will be held over the next three months and members should note these dates in their diary now –



  • The Deb Bennett under 100mps Pairs Event will be held on Monday 15, 22 and 29 July. Bonus green points will be awarded for this event.
  • GNOT Qualifying Event for teams will be held on Wednesday 17, 24 and 31 July. Registration on the Club Notice Board not later than 3pm on Wednesday 10 July is





essential. A minimum of six teams must register and play for all three weeks. Gold points will be awarded for this event and the entry fee of $140 per team is payable at the first session. Winners of the event will be sponsored by the Club to the Metropolitan Final on 21st and 22nd September 2019.




  • The Friday August pairs event will be held on Friday 2 August. Red points will be awarded for this event and the lower car parking area  will be open for members’ use.
  • The State Open Pairs Qualifying Event will be held on Tuesday 27 August, 3 and 10 September. No registration is required. Red points will be awarded and a $2 surcharge per member per session will apply. A minimum of 12 pairs must participate for the event to proceed.  Winners of the event will be sponsored by the Club to the Metropolitan Final on the 23rd and 24th November 2019. There will be no side game available during this event.
  • The Carolyn Molloy Pairs Event will be held on Wednesday 28 August, 4 and 11 September. Red points will be awarded for this event.


Supervised Sessions

Members are reminded that the Club now conducts two supervised sessions each week –

  1. On Tuesday nights from 7.30pm to 9.30pm; and
  2. On Thursdays from 1.15pm to 3.15pm.

Our Director, Eric Lam, supervises each session and participants can now earn masterpoints for their efforts.

Everyone is welcome to attend these sessions. It is a wonderful way to improve your bridge with the assistance of an experienced Director.


Congress 2019

Our Congress this year will be held on Sunday 8 September.

It is not too early to organise and register your team online through the NSWBA website (www.nswba.com.au) so as not to miss out on this exciting day of competitive bridge.

There will be three categories this year –

  1. Open Teams;
  2. Restricted Teams; and
  3. Novice Teams.



The Congress is limited to 50 tables so be sure to register early.

The Congress Convenor is Geoff Lawson so if you have any queries contact Geoff whose email address is lawson.geoffrey@yahoo.com

The John Fisher Award

After eight months of competition, the race to win this prestigious Award is extremely close. The top five contenders at the end of May are –

Robyn Burt                                         5.56 points

Erica Gemmell                                   5.28 points

Helen Hobbs                                      5.02 points

Anthony Curtin                                 4.85 points

Wendy Merrington                         4.80 points


We wish all participants continued success over the final four months of competition.


New Members


Since 1 February 2019 the following new members have joined the Club –

Huguette Ades                                                                                 Anthony Allen

Raymond Bermeister                                                                     Jane Biscoe

Suzanne Ell                                                                                         Nader Esber

Susanna Greenwood                                                                     Bhushan Gulati

Gerard Langtry                                                                                  Tammy Lightfoot

Annmaree McGrath                                                                       Frank Morrison

Marianne Rigby                                                                                                Patricia Reilly

Henry Tan                                                                                           Neil Sylvester

Rhonda Wood                                                                                   Robyn Williams


We extend a very warm welcome to our new members and trust that you will enjoy your bridge with us.

Vale Bill Pullman

We were saddened to learn of the death of our esteemed member William Thomas Pullman on April 3, 2019 aged 78 years. Bill was a keen and loyal member of the Club and will be especially missed by the Monday players.

The Director’s Lament

  • With winter fast approaching members are reminded to consider other players when suffering from colds, flu and other seasonal ailments. Always cover your mouth when coughing and sneezing and avoid spreading germs particularly on the playing cards.
  • The Partner Finder’s task is to arrange partners for members on a casual basis, for example, when partners are sick, away on holidays, etc. It is not their job to find permanent partners for members.
  • Members are reminded to wear their nametags at all Club sessions. If you have lost or misplaced your nametag advise the Director or any Committee member and a new tag will be issued within a few days,


Rank Promotions

We congratulate the following members on their recent rank promotion-

Name                                    Masterpoints                     Previous Rank                   New Rank

Noreene Clapson                      15.29                                      Club                                    Local

Trudi O’Neil                               15.03                                      Club                                  Local

Greg Holubinskyi                        2.20                                         Nil                                     Graduate

Krystyna Button                          25.21                                     Local                                   *Local

Barbara Grant                            25.08                                     Local                                    *Local

Sarah Kelsey                               51.47                                 **Local                                 Regional

Denise Gribble                          109.47                                     State                                  *State

Christine Leaver                             2.71                                        Nil                                    Graduate

Paul Noone                                   2.97                                          Nil                                    Graduate

Olena Holubinskyi                      35.62                                    *Local                               **Local

Fiona Templeton                         35.01                                   *Local                                **Local