September '18

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Table Talk

An occasional newsletter of the Hunters Hill Bridge Club – September 2018


Congress 2018

The Hunters Hill Bridge Club Congress was held on Sunday, 9 September, 2018 with       forty-eight (48) tables participating - thirty-eight (38) were in the Open Division with ten (10) in the Restricted/Novice Division.

The players had a most enjoyable day and were very impressed with the organisation of the tournament and the hospitality of the Club. Many complimentary remarks were made concerning the high quality and quantity of food supplied to the players throughout the day and the efficiency with which the Congress was conducted.

The winners were –

Open Division

  1. David Hudson, Anita Curtis, Kim Neale, Linda King
  2. Marlene Watts, Peter Gill, Martin Bloom, Tony Nunn
  3. Yumin Li, Wei Zhang, William Zhang, Michael Wu

Restricted/Novice Division

  1. Cate Whittaker, Cheryl Henke, Jacky Gruszka, Joanne Morgan
  2. Hugh Makin, Jay Novak, Wendy Merrington, Lorenzo Orsini


The Annie Greenside Cup which is awarded to the best-placed Hunters Hill team in the Congress was retained by Betty Priestley, Tim Cregan, Charles Fisher, Brian Jacobson.


Coming Club Events

The following Club events will be held in the next three months and you should note them in your diary now –


  • Club Teams Championships will be held on Wednesday 19, 26 September and 3 October. Registration on the Entry Form on the Club Notice Board is required. The entry fee of $140 per team is payable at the first session. Substitutes are permitted in accordance with the Club By-Laws but the substitute must be of approximately equivalent standard. The Director must be advised of any substitute before play begins at the relevant session. Red Masterpoints will be awarded for this event.


  • October Pairs will be held on Friday 26 October. Red Masterpoints will be awarded for this event.


  • Club Pairs Championship will be held on Monday 12, 19 and 26 November. Outright winners must be financial HHBC members at the start of the event. Red Masterpoints will be awarded.


Recent Winners

The results of recent major events conducted by the Club include –

  • The Friday Teams event was won by Ron Fitzgerald, Trish Whitton, Parveen Rayani, Jamal Rayani;
  • The Hunters Hill Cup was won by Charles Fisher and Tim Cregan;
  • The Deb Bennett Under 50 MP Pairs was won by Sarah Kelsey and Wendy Hawker;
  • The Carolyn Molloy Pairs was won by Tim Cregan and Brian Jacobson.

The “Best on Mondays” award determined by Peter Gill was won by Krystyna Button and Judy Balmer for the month of April and Peter Brooke and Vijay Belapurkar for the month of May.


Beginners’ Lessons

In a departure from normal practice, Carol Sheldrake will be conducting a 6 week course for beginners commencing on Monday, 15 October, 2018 at 7.15pm. Each lesson will be for two hours. The cost of the 6 lessons is $120 including a workbook and light refreshments.




If you have any friends and relatives wishing to learn how to play bridge, this is a wonderful opportunity.

For further information contact Carol Sheldrake on 0438 619 780                                                                 or


The HHBC Library

Members are reminded that the Club maintains an extensive library of bridge books which are available for members to borrow for up to one month. There are over 230 titles available dealing with all aspects of bridge.

Recent additions to the library include –

  • “Demystifying Defence” by Patrick O’Connor;
  • “What Do These Bids Mean?” by Timothy LeVan;
  • “Introduction to Two over One Game Force” by Joan Butts;
  • “Director Please” by Josephine Burrie.

If you need any assistance please see our Librarian, Sarah Kelsey.


New Members

Since 1 May 2018 the following new members have joined the Club –

David Emmerson                                                                              Nabil Edgtton

Henry Zhao                                                                                         Christine Leaver

Shelley Taylor                                                                                    Vicki Bishop

Janak Shah                                                                                          Karen Atkins


We extend a very warm welcome to our new members and trust that you will enjoy your bridge with us.



The John Fisher Award


The John Fisher Award was set up in 1994 as a “Clubman award” being for the benefit of frequent attendees at the Club’s ordinary events based on green points earned at such events. Currently, the award goes to the member with State* status or below at the beginning of the year (which commences on 1 October for this purpose) who earns the most green points at the Club. Until now the winner’s name has been added to the honour board. The original honour board has now been filled. The Committee has recently agreed to buy a new honour board and, in addition, a cash prize of $100 will be paid to the winner each year commencing this year.



In future, it is intended to publish interim results for this competition every three months so that members are aware of their standings during the course of the year.


Rank Promotions

The following rank promotions have recently been announced –

Name                                                    Masterpoints                     Previous Rank                                   New Rank

Venie Parsons-Mason                      15.51                                        Club                                                   Local

Leo Fernandes                                     25.47                                       Local                                                   Local*

Anne Ternes                                         74.10                                      Regional                                             State

Bob Ternes                                            60.48                                      Regional                                             State

Barbara Shepherd                             147.15                                      State                                                                  State*


We congratulate these members on their promotions.


Deceased Members

We record with great sadness the death of the following members and former members –

Eileen Taylor-Doctor;

Shirley Bartels;

Sybil Monti.



The Director’s Lament

  1. Never invite a player substantially better than yourself to be your substitute in any event.
  2. Always wear your Club nametag.
  3. Turn off all mobile phones before the commencement of each session.
  4. Arrive at least ten minutes before the starting time of each session.