The HHBC   Christmas Party Day this year  is on Wednesday 14th December at 1.15pm

All members are welcome to come and play bridge before hand then join other  club members for a delicious Xmas lunch

On the day the session of bridge will start at 10.30am then lunch at 1.15pm

Convenor for the day is Tricia Carton our Social Secretary

RSVP to Carol Sheldrake our President

Vale Emer Noone

It is with great sadness that I reflect on the passing of my friend and long standing bridge partner Emer Noone.

Emer passed away peacefully on 14th November with her family by her side. She had been bravely fighting cancer for the past 6 months and now has found her peaceful rest.

Vale Coral

We're sorry to report that Coral Dixon has passed away.

The following has come from her son, Brad.  "My mother Coral passed away at her residence on Thursday 21st October 2022. Bridge played a large part in the later stages of her life and she made many cherished friends along the way. Thanks to the club and those that knew her for your support."  May she rest in peace.

The Henley Green Garden Party

Club members Paula Nigem, Richard Sheldrake, Geoffrey Lawson , Carol Sheldrake with Hunters Hill Councillor Ross Williams at the Henley Green Garden Party on July 16. Absent from photo Di Stacey. The members had a very successful day making contact with attendees who have since signed up for Beginner Lessons. Well organized Geoff for a great morning.

Lessons will start July 14th with Joan Butts.

Well Done !!!

Well done Margaret Gidley-Baird and Henry Chu, they represented Hunters Hill Bridge Club in the  State Mixed Pairs Tournament they played well but did not make the final however they did come  4th in the August Mixed Pairs which was run on Sunday 29th May

It's here!

The 2022 Calendar of Events and Membership List booklet will be available at the Club from Wednesday, 9 March.  Another tiny step towards normality.

Egg on My Face by Peter Gill

Joan Croll passed away on Valentines Day 2022, aged 93.  Here’s a bridge hand I played against Joan.

Q76              943
3                   AJ1072
J982             Q53
AK972          106

   N            W          S           E
Robyn    Helen    Peter     Joan
1C          Pass       1H       Pass
1S          Pass      1NT      Pass
3NT        Pass      Pass     Pass

Table Chits and Credit Card Slips

Just a gentle reminder from the Assistant Treasurer about credit card payments at Henley. If you pay your $40 membership fee on the Tap & Go, you must turn in your credit card slip with your table chit, writing your name on the FRONT so I know who has paid. If you pay and take your receipt home with you, I have $40 in the bank and I have no idea whose it is and I will come chasing you for payment at some later date!

When filling out the table chit, please remember to put the date and your table number on the chit. There is a column marked 'Amount Paid'. It's hard to believe I have to say this, but can you please enter the amount you have paid, not cc or a tick. And on all credit card slips, please put your name on the FRONT. It isn't necessary to include your ABF number. And I particularly don't like ONLY your ABF number for identification. This process is not computerised - there's a human at the end of the line. Thank you. Linda Allen