2017 Congress

The Committee would like to thank all those who contributed to yet another, hugely successful, congress. Special thanks should go to our convenor, Di Connors & to Ross Templeton who, almost singlehandedly & with great enthusiasm & energy, managed the kitchen.

The results are as follows
OPEN 1st place: Paul Weaver, Anthony Burke, Lavy Libman, Tomer Libman
OPEN 2nd place: George Fleischer, Ron Speiser, Adam Edgtton, Murray Green
OPEN 3rd place: Shu Liang Yang, Jack Chen, Andrew Wu, Judy Zhu

RESTRICTED 1st place: Mary Poynten, Clare Ainsworth, Michael Hogan, Hugh Makin
RESTRICTED 2nd place: Olena Holubinskyj, Jan Durham, Sandra Rowell, Dianne Stacey
RESTRICED 3rd place: Steve Webster, Lyn Widdup, Bill Doman, Ahmad Geybi

BEST UNPLACED HHBC TEAM: Timothy Cregan, Betty Priestley, Charles Fisher, Ken Storr

Congratulations to all place winners & to all who played in the spirit of the game.

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